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Member Interview- Caitlin Bright

-What brought you to Crossfit Ellis in the first place?

I honestly missed the community and accountability as this isn’t my first rodeo with CrossFit. I have a Bachelors in Kinesiology and have always been an athlete, but I struggle with the daily accountability. I visited a few other gyms near my house and work and just couldn’t find that one thing that made me want to commit. However, my first visit to Ellis had me locked in. I remember meeting with Aaron beforehand and appreciated how he handles new members by wanting to know their background as just a human being and athletic-wise. Joining the class afterwards just helped seal the deal. Everyone in that class encouraged me and treated me as if I’ve been a member for forever. I had finally found the “family” environment I was searching for. 

-What’s your favorite Crossfit Ellis memory so far? 

Embarrassing myself on the first day by trying to do a handstand hold and falling on my head is the most memorable..lol. But my favorite is my first CrossFit open! I have always heard about it and watched the games, but never competed. I absolutely loved how everyone is so competitive but will cheer on each member of the box. Having people that I haven’t talked with much or even met cheering me on was very encouraging. 

-What do you say to yourself before each workout? 

“This is probably going to suck, but I want the results.” Exercise is my therapy and I have to just remind myself on the bad days how much better I will feel once I am done. 

-What would you tell the person you were before you started? 

“You won’t believe the person you will turn into! Not only will you see physical changes, but you will grow as a person mentally and emotionally! And don’t be afraid to do more weight than Mrs. J, even if you die in the workout.”

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