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Member Interview – Charlie Bateman

Charlie is front and center at the 2021 CrossFit Ellis Intramural Open.

What brought you to Crossfit Ellis in the first place?

First of all this was not my first Crossfit Box. Not even the first time to come to Ellis. I have been on a fitness journey now for four years. With that said I was looking at other boxes around the area. Crossfit Ellis was the first and only box that I ever had the Coach sit down with me and discuss my goals and what I was looking to get out of a box. That includes all the boxes I dropped in on during my travels for work.

What’s your favorite Crossfit Ellis memory so far? 

Competing in my first open.

What do you say to yourself before each workout?

Lol, usually I say something like “this is going to suck, but this what you signed up for fat boy.”

What would you tell the person you were before you started? 

I would remind myself that, I was a diabetic, because of the poor choices I made during my life and there are only two options. Eat right and exercise or take my chances with medication and continue to eat like crap.

His kilt was right on theme for 21.2 “Go Luck Yourself”

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