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Member Interview – Jessica MacDonald

-What brought you to Crossfit Ellis in the first place?

Originally a Google search, which led to me following the gym on facebook and instagram. I followed on social media probably about a year before reaching out. I think I was originally drawn by the diversity in the photos Aaron posted. It was people of all different ages, body types, and skill levels but they all had one thing in common; they all looked happy to be there. I wanted that! I wanted to be happy to workout, to enjoy it, and not have to force my way through a workout.

-What’s your favorite Crossfit Ellis memory so far?

My first memory I have is of a 5 mile ruck that we did in October. Mia and Pookie were the first members I had met after my on-ramp. It was nice to get to meet some people before my first group class. But I would have to say my favorite memory so far has been The Open. You get used to seeing your usual gym buddies you work out with but it was really cool to see every member together hanging out and cheering each other on. I got to meet people I haven’t worked out with before and it was just an all around awesome night.

-What do you say to yourself before each workout? 

Well I usually work out at 5am, so it’s probably something like “hurry up and get out of bed!” “Time to get this day started”.

-What would you tell the person you were before you started? 

I would say I don’t know why you just sat back and watched for so long, but I’m glad your here. I’m glad I made the choice to sign up for a sweat free consultation, and I’m glad it gave me an appointment for the very next day so I didn’t have time to back out and try to change my mind. You can sit back and watch or you can just go for it, and I guarantee you one of those options is a lot more fun than the other! 

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