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Member Interview- Jocelyn Womack

-What brought you to Crossfit Ellis in the first place?

I was invited to try it out by a good friend who was already a member (and still is.)  Aaron didn’t do the onboarding program he does now.  He allowed new people to come and try a couple of workouts for free.  I was hooked on the first one.  

-What’s your favorite Crossfit Ellis memory so far?

I was struggling through a set of push ups early on in my journey.  One of the coaches, Scott F, got down on the floor with me and talked me through until I had finished.  Scott has been my online coach over the last few months.  He and Aaron are wonderful people and great coaches.  The coaching and personal attention make the difference for me, especially working out alone from home.

-What do you say to yourself before each workout?

It depends on the motivation of the day.  If I’m motivated – “Let’s see what I’ve got and if I can push it farther than before.”  If I’m not – I read through the workout an hour or so before the workout.  Then I tell myself – “I can’t get better if I don’t.”   So I do.

-What would you tell the person you were before you started?

The community you are looking for will be here. You will get the support you need from your coaches and peers. It will make getting stronger and healthier easier.   You will miss them during the pandemic, and looking forward to going back will be a big motivator to keep you going.  You will do things that you never before thought you were capable of and some things you never imagined.

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