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100 Month Club – Shellie Heard

The 100 Month Club is a small group of people that have been dedicated and loyal to our community over the past 10 years. This group is extremely special because they are the foundation of this community and have paved the way for so many others. Adding people to this small group is definitely worth acknowledging because long term commitment to anything is hard. Committing over 8 years of fitness to the same gym says a lot about the person. We are grateful!

Today is a special day because we get add another longtime member, Shellie Heard to our 100 Month Club! Over the years Shellie has done it all, from competitions, traveling with teams, committed clubs, award winner, Open participant, community service help, ambassador for our gym and ladies’ group, and just committed to the day in and day out grind. One of the most Committed athletes we have ever seen! She doesn’t like to miss, that’s for sure!

Shellie, you are one of the good ones, and I am extremely grateful for all the years of work, trust, and times spent inside and outside the gym. If I had to describe you in one phrase, it would be “Down for anything”. You have a No Quit, No Retreat mindset, and that’s what makes you such a bad ass! – Coach Aaron

What got you started here?

“In fall of 2014, I was looking for an exercise, workout program that I could go to that would help me get in shape, lose some weight, and physically look better. I knew that getting older was going to make it harder for me to lose weight and the time had come in my life to do something about it and I realized that walking a mile at work during my ‘wellness hour’ was not enough to make a difference.  On January 26, 2015 I walked into CFE for the first time and I tried a rope climb progression that I literally couldn’t get up from. “

How have you changed over the years?

“I have constantly changed over the years.  My mindset, my goals, my body, have all changed many times over the past 8 years.  At first it was weight loss, and I lost weight following a macronutrient diet plan.  I was scrawny, hitting my macros caps that were very limited and I was very strict with my food, mostly Keto.  Then, I wanted to be strong, I had to trade the scrawny for more muscle and train to lift heavy weights.  I wanted to learn gymnastic movements so my goals changed to combine lean muscle and strength to do pull ups, toes to bar, and handstand pushups.  Then, COVID hit and we had to persist at home and I had to mentally change and make myself ‘start the clock’ because I depended on Aaron to do that for me. I have discovered that my body continues to change and in the last 2 years I felt certain body parts change and the fight gets harder to keep the fitness level and physique I keep chasing.  I am always chasing because I am rarely satisfied with myself.”

What is your best memory?

“There are several over the years.  Two of my daughters have trained at CFE with me from 2017 – 2022 and I think of those times fondly. Cleaning 125#, back squatting 205#, running 5 miles non-stop, going on CFE rucks, CF Open in 2022 that I hit 18 chest to bar pull ups. Candace Jones and I won 3rd place Scaled Division at the Rookie Rumble III and Flea and I competed in Forney. Doing the practice Spartan course several times with all of us and running the obstacle courses at TFG/TFX.  Most, if not all of these things I did with Flea.  “

What about CFE keeps you here?

“Friendships and accountability.  Getting out of the house or coming here from my job is an important part of my day to destress and decompress.  Having another group of friends and a community that accepts me as me without an apology.  There are new fitness programs I get to do and self improvement like 75 Hard. Being here makes me better by being around other people who also value healthy living. “

What’s next for you?

“Maybe yoga, in addition to CF.  I know I have to find my mental balance of sustaining fitness without being upset that I can’t always go as hard as my mind wants my body to.  I have to focus on recovery for the long term of continuing CF as long as CFE has its box doors open and the fans are blowing.”

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