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Member Story – Liberty Cortes

Actually Enjoying an At-Home Workout!

I started at CrossFit Ellis just over two years ago. I had just moved to Ennis right out of college and was trying to find a good fitness routine for myself. I was going to try to do the insanity workouts (was kind of shy about joining a gym by myself) when one of my coworkers invited me to watch her CrossFit group during the opens. I decided to go and see and was immediately blown away by the excitement inside the box.

Getting in on the Action!

Everyone was so motivated and cheerful and super nice. Then I saw all of the athletes that were participating in the open doing all these cool moves and looking awesome while doing it. And that’s when I got hooked. I signed up for CrossFit that day and have never looked backed.




When I first joined I kind of freaked out, because I noticed I started gaining weight but I was getting stronger and it actually looked like I was losing inches. And that’s when it hit me. For the first time (in probably my life) I actually had muscles! Once I had that realization I couldn’t wait to see what I could lift next. Reaching over 200 pounds on a back squat is still one of favorite accomplishments. Right below it has to be being able to do hand stand push ups and kind of doing pull ups :). 

Look at those muscles!
Getting stronger!

Not only did I love seeing me actually turning into an “athlete” but I loved doing it with such a great group of people that won’t judge you for what level of physical ability you have. As long as you’re there to work and try to improve everything else goes out the door. I joined the box two years ago just to get a fitness routine (and not feel guilty for eating sweets). But I came out with a group of friends/family that I wouldn’t trade for anything!!

Thumbs up!


















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